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At DeCare Dental, we’re committed to improving the oral health of our members and raising awareness for oral health.

Your oral health is not just about creating that perfect smile, research shows that it is also linked to your general health. Taking care of your oral health is just as important as exercising and maintaining a healthy diet.

Your mouth is the ideal environment for bacteria to grow, with the warmth, moisture, and nutrients from the food and drinks you consume. When these harmful bacteria accumulate around your teeth and gums, you risk developing gum disease. Research has found that gum disease is related to conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory infections, pneumonia, pregnancy complications and dementia.

Your oral health questions

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I had a wisdom tooth extracted yesterday. It is still bleeding and clotting. Is this normal?

Apply a mouth pack (available from your local pharmacy) to the wound and bite on it for a half hour…

My 3 year old son fell and banged his mouth and his front tooth has turned grey. Will he lose the tooth? Will it affect his permanent teeth?

There is no need to worry; your son will probably lose his front baby tooth at around six years of…

Can tooth whitening damage tooth enamel?

Is it suitable if teeth have already received white fillings? Tooth whitening treatments, if performed according to manufacturer’s instructions, do…

I suffer from a recurring mouth ulcer on the tip of my tongue which generally lasts approximately two weeks. Is this normal?

A recurring mouth ulcer should always be followed up and investigated further, initially by your own dentist and sometimes by…

My two year old daughter drinks a lot of orange squash. Will this damage her teeth?

Try to wean her off this as soon as you can and replace it with ordinary tap water. The orange…

My three year old daughter grinds her teeth while sleeping. Is there anything I can do or do I need to take her to the dentist?

Teeth grinding (bruxism) is a common habit in young children and usually disappears on its own as children grow older.

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