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Emergency Teledentistry

DeCare Dental is always looking for new innovations and services to enhance our member experience. DeCare is excited to bring a new innovative service, Emergency Teledentistry to our members, as an option for managing dental emergencies for when they are unable to attend a dentist in person.

What is Emergency Teledentistry?

Emergency Teledentistry is the remote facilitating of the management of a dental emergency through expert guidance and education via the use of information technology instead of direct face-to-face contact between dentist and patients. Reduce the stress of your dental emergency from the comfort of your own home using Emergency Teledentistry Service provided by DentalTech Group.

A mobile device with a camera and a steady internet connection is all you need.

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To arrange your appointment simply call

01 4551866
Monday to Saturday
8.30am - 5.30pm.

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Have the following information ready before you call:

1. DeCare Dental Policy number
2. Preferred pharmacy details (if prescription is required)

Emergency Teledentistry FAQ's

No, DeCare is covering the full cost of this service and it is available for dental emergencies in addition to your current plan benefits.

No, DeCare is covering the full cost of this service and it is available for dental emergencies in addition to your current plan benefits.

The Emergency Teledentistry service is being provided by the Dental Tech Group.

Contact Dental Tech group directly on 01-4551866 Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 5.30pm to book an appointment to meet with a dentist.

You must book any appointments directly with the service provider Dental Tech Group by calling 01-4551866

In the event that a prescription is a part of the outcome of the appointment, Dental Tech Group will send it directly to your chosen pharmacy

Your policy number will be on any correspondence from DeCare dental.You can check your member portal here, alternatively email DeCare Dental or call DeCare Dental on 094 9378608

In the event that you should attend a dentist following the emergency teledental appointment you can:

  1. Attend your own dentist
  2. Find a dentist in your area using the DeCare Dental Dentist Finder
  3. Attend Dental Tech Group in person if the location (Terenure, Dublin) suits you
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Emergency TeleDentistry for DeCare Dental Members

Disclaimer: DeCare Dental confirms that it has validated that the dentists providing this service are registered with the Dental Council and are suitably indemnified to practice dentistry in Ireland. However DeCare Dental is not a party to any contract for the provision of services between you and Dental Tech Group and therefore disclaims any and all liability including any express or implied warranties whether oral or written for such services and makes no representation as to the suitability of the services provided.