We work closely with the dental community to help gather valuable feedback about our members and their needs.

DeCare also proudly supports continuing dental education in Ireland and is an active sponsor and supporter of key dental educational conferences and events.


BASCD – British Society of Community Dentistry
EADPH – European Association of Dental Public Health
FDI – World Dental Federation
IADR – International Association of Dental Research
IDA – Irish Dental Association
IDC – Irish Dental Council
IUHPE – International Union for Health Promotion Education
MPS – Medical Protection Society (Dental Protection)


ADEE – Association Dental Education in Europe
EAPD – European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry
IDA – Irish Dental Association
ISDC – Irish Society of Dentistry for Children
ISDH – Irish Society of Disability and Oral Health
OHPRG – Oral Health Promotion Research Group
RCSI – Faculty of Dentistry Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Harvard University, Harvard Chan School of Public Health

Dentist Directory

What is the DeCare Dental Directory?

An online directory and map of dentists throughout Ireland that are happy to provide our members with the relevant information they need for their claim form

Provides information to our members and the general public about dental practices throughout Ireland

Enables our members to find a dentist that fits their needs, in a suitable location

Benefits to you

It’s free to add your practice to our directory

Your practice will be featured on our website, which provides great access to our members and the public

Enhances your Google rankings

Highlights your practice to customers on a map of their area

Add Practice to Dental Directory

Want to add your practice to our dental directory? Register your details through the button below:

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Update Directory Listing

Are you already listed on our directory but need to update your details? You can do this through the link below:

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Join our Direct Pay Service

DeCare has a growing nationwide membership and we are currently looking to expand our list of dental practices on direct pay.

The Direct Pay service is convenient for patients as they only pay a modest co-payment for dental treatment covered on their dental insurance and DeCare pays the balance directly to the dental practice.

We will advertise your specific practice details on our website to the general public as well as to our individual and corporate members.

If you would like to hear more about joining our Direct Pay Network, register your interest below and our team will be in touch.

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Practice Materials

Oral health materials for your practice

We produce regular oral health materials, which aim to bridge the gap between consumer understanding and professional dental knowledge. All of our publications are research evidenced and driven by the needs of our members and key industry trends and issues. Our materials are available free of charge for dental practices on our dental directory. To order material for your practice, use the form below to choose your material and submit it to the team.

1Practice Details
2Delivery Details
3Choose Your Materials

Practice Details

Fill in your practice details below and select NEXT.
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Enhance your patient experience with our social media content!

Social media users in Ireland are expected to grow by 0.4 million (9.11%) from 2024 to 2028, reaching 4.76 million users, marking the ninth consecutive year of increase.*

At DeCare, we are committed to improving and raising awareness of oral health. Our clinical team has created engaging content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and the DeCare Dental Blog. You can easily share, like, and repost our content from our social media channels. You can also download our oral health videos for your website, social media, or in-house screen.

If you’re new to social media, we provide a step-by-step tip sheet for sharing/uploading posts to your social media channels.

*Data from Statista’s Key Market Indicator

Download your Tip Sheet here


We have our DeCare Dental Logo available for download

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Feedback & Questions

Feedback from dental practices has played an invaluable role in the development of DeCare Dental and in the ongoing continuous improvement of our business. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 094 937 8608 or email query@decaredental.ie.