Can tooth whitening damage tooth enamel?

Is it suitable if teeth have already received white fillings?

Tooth whitening treatments, if performed according to manufacturer’s instructions, do not appear to cause any long lasting damage to tooth enamel. The main side effect of using bleaching agents is tooth sensitivity, which eases after a few days. Tooth whitening is not suitable for use on teeth if these teeth have been crowned or if they have white fillings. Only natural tooth structures can be lightened, not tooth coloured fillings, tooth coloured bonded restorations, crowns or veneers. Different people’s teeth react differently to bleaching. Some individuals experience temporary tooth sensitivity or gum irritation from bleaching agents. A 10% carbamide peroxide treatment in a tray made by your dentist and used at night time is the safest, most cost effective and best researched whitening treatment available.

Tooth whitening should always be carried out under the supervision of your dentist, especially when higher strength treatments greater than 10% carbamide peroxide are being used. In situations where whitening is not effective, you may want to investigate other alternatives like veneers with your dentist.