Vision Plans

Regular vision care has been linked to improvements in overall health and wellness, productivity and employee satisfaction.

That means vision benefits should be an important piece of your health and wellness program, making it easier for employees to receive a comprehensive eye exam. Because employees with workplace health programs are healthier, use fewer sick days and are more productive.

EyeCare by DeCare

We offer a range of great value vision insurance plans
  • No pre-assessment necessary
  • No waiting periods on our corporate plans
  • No policy excess
  • In-Network member discounts

Preventive Care

100% Immediate Cover for
  • Eyewear Exam or Contacts Exam every 12 months

VDU Benefit

100% Immediate Cover for
  • VDU Exam once per 24 month period
up to €80 back on
  • VDU Glasses once per 24 month period

Material Benefits

Up to 75% back on
  • Prescription Eyeware on purchases up to €400 every 12 months
Up to 85% back on
  • Contact Lens purchases up to €200 every 12 months

DeCare has a large and ever growing network of opticians as part of our vision network.
Vision benefits are also available for Out-of-Network opticians but differ from the above.

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