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DeCare is Ireland's only specialist benefits provider offering dental, vision and wellness benefits.

Our Benefits

As an employer, you know that employee benefits play a vital role in attracting and retaining the best team.

So, how can you differentiate and make sure that the benefits you offer will help to attract and retain your key talent?

DeCare is Ireland’s only specialist dental, vision and wellness benefits provider. At DeCare we empower people to improve their oral, optical & general health over a lifetime. This is achieved through our corporate dental and vision benefits and supported by a full range of workplace wellbeing programmes and training


TeamCare by DeCare is our dedicated corporate dental insurance service, designed specifically for companies and their teams.


Eyecare by DeCare is our dedicated corporate vision benefit providing a full range of optical treatment cover.


Wellness from DeCare offers a range of general health clinics including dental and optical wellness training and programs.

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What Our Customers Say


“I have worked with Dave and DeCare on a number of highly successful wellness initiatives, the programmes are very informative, well executed and offer a high level of professionalism.”

HR Manager, 
Pioneer Investments

“We partner with DeCare for our dental insurance, however DeCare provides much more than this to our associates. David, Noeleen and the team are dynamic in their care, attention and personalised service to us. From insurance, to onsite talks, training on physical and mental wellbeing and dental checks, we are very happy to be a client of DeCare, and we look forward to continuing the programme of Wellness that they provide for us.”

Criona O'Daly
People Experience Manager, 

“I have worked alongside DeCare to run a variety of Wellness events & clinics over the last few years. The content and quality of these events has always been excellent. The DeCare team is enthusiastic, well prepared and very approachable. I look forward to our future Wellness events and would not hesitate to recommend DeCare.”

Marie-Therese Landy
HR Business Partner, 

“We had DeCare onsite in September rolling out the oral Health checks as part of our Wellness week. DeCare was so easy to work with and we had great feedback from employees alike. I look forward to working with DeCare again in the near future for more wellness events!”

Katie Rosney
Benefits Specialist EMEA, 

“I found DeCare excellent to work with and the Wellness programmes are very informative, raising awareness in both oral and general health.”

Libby Bredin
Manager, EMEA Talent Services, 

“I have worked with DeCare on a number of highly successful Wellness initiatives. I have always found DeCare to be excellent to work with and the programmes are very informative, well executed and offer a high level of professionalism. I would not hesitate as a company representative to engage with them again for future events.”

Lindsay Smith
Reward at Central Bank

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