Is it true that your gums bleed more easily when you are pregnant?


During pregnancy, gums are more susceptible to the presence of plaque biofilm near the necks of the teeth which causes them to become red and swollen. When the teeth and gums are brushed, there may be a tendency to bleed more than usual.  This inflammation of the gums is called pregnancy gingivitis. It is caused by hormonal changes that increases the tendency of the gums to bleed more when plaque biofilm is present and also hinder the body’s normal immune response to bacteria.

This causes inflammation of the gums in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. These effects can be controlled by persisting and giving extra attention to brushing, always use a soft brush and place the brush at an angle where the gums and teeth meet. Use a toothpaste with at least 1450 parts per million of fluoride. Visiting a dentist for a professional cleaning and hygiene advice will also help.

For more information on managing your oral health during your pregnancy – click here.


bleeding gums while pregnant



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