Brush the Smart Way

As a parent, you are the most important role model for your child. Help your child develop proper brushing techniques by setting a good example with your own oral health.


  • Brush at least twice a day with a pea-size amount of adult fluoride.
  • Use a soft nylon bristle brush with a small compact head.
  • Place the brush at a 45 degree angle to the tooth and use a gentle scrubbing technique.
  • Brush the outer, the inner, and the biting surface of each tooth, including the part close to the gum line.
  • Use the front tip of the brush for the inner surface of the front teeth.
  • Encourage your child to brush for at lest 2 minutes each time they clean their teeth.
  • Children under 7 will need help from and adult when cleaning their teeth.
  • For babies wipe gums with a soft cloth or gauze from the pharmacy and water in areas where the teeth have not yet appeared.


Two young girls smiling and laughing before brushing their teeth



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