Dental Plans

Making great oral health care affordable for everyone

At DeCare Dental, our purpose is clear – to help improve the oral health of our members. This means creating a range of plans that are clinically focused and that offer great choice and value.

All of our plans are based on our Healthy Smiles approach, which promotes regular and sustained preventive care by providing 100% cover for examinations, cleanings and x-rays. You can then choose the level of minor, major and orthodontic cover that you feel is right for you.

Whether you are an individual, parent or employer, click on the links below to learn how DeCare can help you.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
100% cover for exams, cleanings & X-Rays
100% for emergency treatment
70% cover for fillings, extractions & treatment of gum disease, sealants (for Children), space maintainers (for Children), stainless steel crowns (for Children)
60% cover major treatments, such as root canals, crowns & dentures
Claim up to €5,000 with Oral Cancer Benefit
Claim up to €1,000 on orthodontics

Healthy Smiles Adult

From less than €17* per month

Healthy Smiles Child

From less than €11** per month

Adult Dental Plans – *Healthy Smiles Level 1, age 18-39 from €16.44 per month or €197.29 per year. Plans available for all ages, select “Get Quote” to find a plan for you.
Children Dental Plans – **Healthy Smiles Level 1, age 0-17 from €10.60 per month or €127.15 per year.

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