Dental FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the TeamCare range of plans made available to?

TeamCare plans are available for corporate funded and flexible benefit schemes.

Some staff members have indicated an interest in dental insurance but the company is not in a position to fund this at present. Are any other options available?

Yes, if your company can facilitate the purchase of a dental insurance plan through payroll, your staff can avail of the TeamCare Access range of dental insurance products. Just contact our sales team on 094 937 8608 to discuss.

What waiting periods apply to DeCare corporate plans?

Waiting periods are waived on all TeamCare by DeCare plans, apart from orthodontics, which have an 18 month wait period where applicable.

What dentists can my team attend if insured with DeCare Dental?

DeCare members can attend any dentist on the DeCare Dental directory of dentists, which is an extensive list of dentists available on our website. If the member’s regular dentist is not on the list, our customer service team would be happy to help arrange this with the dentist where appropriate.

Do you offer Wellness Programs as part of your corporate service?

Yes, our TeamCare by DeCare service includes a custom range of oral health services for our corporate members. DeCare has developed a series of innovative oral health programs, which are delivered on-site and can be customised to your company’s needs in terms of format, scale and delivery. Your account management team will work with you to develop a customised calendar of on and off-site oral health services to ensure that your team can make informed and educated decisions about their oral health.

If a staff member has a dental emergency while travelling abroad, is he/she covered?

Yes, emergency treatment is covered on all of our plans for services received from a dentist either within Ireland or outside of Ireland, for the immediate treatment relief of pain caused by a natural tooth being lost, damaged or infected.

Are staff members also entitled to any tax back on my dental expenses?

All members of the public can claim back up to 20% of the expense of some non-routine dental treatment, by filling in the Form Med 1 and keeping a copy of Form Med 2 (Dental) signed by their dental practitioner, as back up if required. Holders of dental insurance can claim back tax relief of 20% on the difference between any amount paid by their insurer and the full cost of treatment. An individual claiming relief must obtain a Form Med 2 (Dental) which is signed and certified by their dental practitioner. For details on what treatments qualify for tax relief, visit

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