Maintaining that human connection

In the midst of yet another lock-down, self care has never been

more important writes David Casey, Health Promotion Manager

at DeCare Dental.

When we break it down, the human connection really links to a sense of love and belonging. Love and belonging are essential to the human experience and are key over the next few weeks as we yet again navigate a new normal way of life. As we move into uncertain times this year and with additional restrictions, it’s important that we stay connected. Connection is the energy that exists between two people when they feel seen, heard or valued. We are wired for connection and in fact, it’s in our biology. From birth we need connection to thrive emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually. It’s hard science; in his book ‘Social Intelligence’, Daniel Goleman explores the neuroscience evidence based links which showcase the human experience and its need for connection.

Technology has become an impostor for the human connection which we are all lacking throughout this global pandemic. In a technology crazed world, it is important we do not confuse being communicative with feeling connected. Brene Brown states that ’Just because we are plugged in doesn’t mean we are seen or heard’. We need to be mindful to connect and talk and open up to our loved ones throughout this difficult time. Be kind to yourself throughout 2021 in regards goal setting. Sometimes just getting up and getting through is enough – there are many months in the year to
achieve our goals. Invest in self-care for you. Just like the analogy of the plane and the oxygen masks, how can you help others and be innovative and creative if you do not attend to yourself first?

Over the next few weeks, try to be mindful of the following:
• Be aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Take notice of the small everyday things that make you happy. It is the ordinary moments and not the extraordinary that bring us the most joy.
• Be active and get out for that walk, run or cycle. Physical activity benefits every aspect of our mental health. Try to go during the working day in the hours of daylight, perhaps on a lunch break, as it
refreshes the mind and body.
• Connect and make sure we feel that sense of love from family, co-workers and friends. Say how you feel – we are all having low days and the mental health of everyone has been comprised in some way. You are not alone. Only by talking can we end the stigma that exists around our mental wellbeing. Embracing our vulnerability and having those conversations will help end stigma. Conversations are the antidote to stigma by talking about how we feel.