Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

Do we need to humanise the remote workspace?

Remote working has adapted very quickly since the start of this global pandemic. Culturally in a more traditional time, many people would have gone to the workplace and left the human being outside on the doorstep. They would have brought that work component and left family and social elements outside. Remote working has given us the opportunity to see people in their raw environments.

Whether it is our kids, pets, dogs, cats, partners, we are seeing the human person more from their home surroundings. This has also highlighted that some of our leaders can appear more human than others. Taking the time while working remotely to be present and to realise that belonging is so vital when we are not in one workplace is key. Our company culture is now in our homes along with family, home life and our own personal downtime. Our home needs to be a place where we need to be more human than ever.

Traditionally we may have separated work, home, family and our social lives. With the current pandemic we have blended all these components into our homes. The psychology for being at home and being in one place all the time, means we need to make the ‘home’, a safe space as it now showcases all our human elements.

Authenticity and balance along with connection are key elements while making home a supportive safe environment. Our business, goals, targets along with our families and home life are all in this new ecosystem we have created. The most important message while being at home is ‘You’, in all of these settings. If ‘You’, is the common denominator, we need to invest within ourselves, and connect with ourselves more. Remember we make companies great places to work, we make the culture of a great place to work- It is all within company’s people.

Throughout these latest set of restrictions, we need to understand ourselves and reflect on this new normal way of doing things. We need to own this time for ourselves. Connection, empowerment and work life balance must be navigated. Connection with ourselves and others. Connect with the heart- a lot of people dare to go there -remember it is not just for the business case. The processes or results seem to take over. Wholeheartedness connects us at every level.

Psychology teaches us that planning, and routines give us a sense of control. This new all in one home environment means we do not want home to change into living at work. Take the time to connect where we have missed the coffee breaks and those daily conversations. We need to reinvent connection in the endless sea of digital meetings.

Accept the now. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable and help cross the boundaries on where we work, how we work, how many hours and the times of the day. This will boost our wellbeing from home. Navigate what works for you with your leaders and managers. Take time for yourself. Connect with nature. Challenge systems that do not work. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is the way forward as we yet again continue to navigate this new way of normal life.

Here is something to leave you with as we navigate an all in one life from home. This is the legend of the two wolves. As we navigate our all in one home ecosystem, we are faced with many thoughts and challenges throughout the day. Try to focus on the positive and let the negative thoughts pass through. Ask yourself today which wolf are you feeding in your home?

Written by DeCare Wellness and Health Promotion Manager/ Dental Professional – Dave Casey