“Eye”-retating allergies and how to cope


Common allergies

We often associate runny noses, congestion and sneezing with seasonal allergies. However, trees, grass and weeds can also cause sore eyes, including itchiness, tearing and swelling. We’ve got a list of allergies and simple ways to help protect your eyes.

Did you know that 1 in 5 people in Ireland suffer from allergies associated with the outdoors and pollen. Allergies develop when the body’s immune system mistakes certain environmental substances (such as pollen and mould) for invaders and then produces antibodies, triggering allergic reactions.

If your employees are seeing red, share these tips to prevent and relieve symptoms:

  • Consider the weather when making plans to be outside. Tree, grass and ragweed pollen’s thrive during cool nights and warm days. It’s true that rain washes pollen away, but counts can soar after rainfall. This is also the case when strong winds, associated with thunderstorms, can increase the pollen concentration. When pollen and mould counts are high, stay inside and keep windows and doors closed.
  • Shower daily to rinse pollen from your hair and skin.
  • Install furnace filters to trap pollen, pet allergens and mould, and consider purchasing an air purifier.
  • Try wraparound sunglasses to help shield your eyes from pollen.
  • If you wear contact lenses, consider swapping them for frames or using disposable contacts. Longer-wearing contact lenses can gather and store airborne allergens.
  • Eye drops can relieve mild symptoms by washing allergens away. Ask your eye doctor to recommend a few brands.
  • Try a particulate-filtering mask when mowing the grass or doing outdoor chores. Again, change your clothes or a shower and change clothes immediately after.