Eye Makeup Safety


Eye makeup is one of the most popular cosmetics of the 21st century, with millions wearing it every day, be it part of a daily routine or a bold, evening look. There are many products available including mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and liquid liner. However, these makeup products can pose a risk to your eye health.

Bad habits and poor makeup hygiene can result in eye infections and if you have sensitive skin, you can be prone to irritation and allergic reactions to some products. If you practice good eye makeup hygiene, you can avoid unwanted infections.

Eye makeup safety tips:

  • Avoid applying eyeliner to your eyelid margins. The edges of your eyelids contain oil glands called the meibomian glands. Makeup can block these oil glands and may lead to dry eyes.
  • Applying eye makeup at the waterline
  • Makeup removal is essential! Taking your makeup off before you go to bed is so important.
  • Throw away old makeup. Eye makeup provides the perfect environment for bacteria to grow near your eyes, putting you at risk of getting conjunctivitis.
  • Try not to share makeup as it can spread bacteria and lead to cross-contamination.
  • Check use-by dates. Makeup can expire and old makeup can cause irritation and infection.