Raising Oral Health Awareness at BNY Mellon


As part of our commitment to improving the oral health of our members and raising greater awareness for oral health, DeCare was delighted to be part of BNY Mellon’s national health and wellbeing week from May 4th to May 10th .

The week included an array of health and wellbeing programs delivered at BNY Mellon locations throughout Ireland, from Cork to Wexford and all Dublin sites. DeCare was present to cover all aspects of BNY Mellon’s oral health needs. The oral health promotion team provided dental information on everything from Diet and Nutrition, Oral Cancer Awareness, Diabetes, Dry Mouth as well as providing general information and demonstrations on brushing, flossing, interdental and specific oral hygiene needs.Ann Butler & David Casey

BNY Mellon’s Health and Wellbeing week was very well received by staff members and the content and programs provided by the company were excellent, including biometric screening, cancer awareness, smoking and alcohol intake advice, physiotherapist support and DeCare’s oral health programs. DeCare was proud to be part of this event and to support any initiative that raises awareness for both oral and general health in the workplace. The World Health Organisation has defined the workplace as a key setting to promote and disseminate health information.

At DeCare, we engage with our corporate members on an ongoing basis to develop oral health programs that best fit with our members needs and profile and that compliment any existing wellness programs that a company may have. Our approach is to inform employees about what they can do to ensure better oral health and to raise awareness of more serious issues such as oral cancer and gum disease, whilst encouraging those individuals to pass on the information to friends, colleagues and family.

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