DeCare – Women in Finance Charter

What is Women in Finance?

Ireland’s Women in Finance Charter is a commitment by firms and representative bodies to achieve greater gender balance and inclusivity across the financial services sector. Supported by the Government of Ireland, this Charter aims to increase women’s participation at all levels, fostering diverse leadership styles and benefiting both businesses and the wider community.

Ireland’s financial services sector is committed to gender diversity across all levels of our member companies. Ireland’s Women in Finance Charter will make our sector stronger – because more diversity means better decision making, and stronger leadership. The 74 Signatory companies of the Charter employ 50,000 people, and demonstrate a growing recognition in the industry that gender equality, diversity and inclusion are key to successful business.

DeCare’s Commitment

At DeCare we are proud to be one of 74 financial services companies in Ireland signed up to the Women in Finance Charter. Representing 50,000 employees across the industry, the Charter signatories have come together to ensure increased participation of women at all levels of our businesses and demonstrate their commitment to an industry-wide strategy of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

As a signatory to the Charter, DeCare is committed to the following:

1. Taking Action:

  • Demonstrating a visible dedication to advancing women throughout various management and board levels to foster a more gender-balanced and inclusive workplace.
  • Establishing and sharing ambitious targets for both short and long terms, recognising the unique characteristics of each firm and its starting point regarding gender balance.
  • Cementing these commitments through a well-defined action plan aimed at achieving gender balance and inclusivity.

2. Leadership & Accountability:

  • Entrusting leadership and accountability for Charter progress to the CEO, senior leadership team, or an appointed member.
  • Integrating targets and action plans into our organisation’s objectives and business priorities, aligning with any gender diversity legislation.

3. Measuring & Communicating Progress:

  • Regularly measuring, monitoring, and publicly reporting progress against set targets on an annual basis to uphold transparency and accountability in driving meaningful change.