DeCare Employees – Peter’s Story

DeCare teamed up with Specialisterne Ireland, which is a specialist agency that supports talented individuals with Autism, Asperger’s and similar challenges to find meaningful work.

DeCare successfully employed a young, bright and enthusiastic 21 year old who has Autism who is thriving in the work environment and was promoted to a position in the IT department.

Peter’s Story

Peter was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism as a child and struggled with crippling anxiety and found school years really tough and finding a course or job that would understand his needs difficult. Our HR Manager Petraea gave Peter a lifeline and offered him the opportunity to join DeCare and linked him in with Specialesterne in 2019. This was completely life changing for Peter and for us as a family.

DeCare provided so much support in helping Peter settle in and left no stone unturned in ensuring he was feeling comfortable and not overwhelmed. The staff in DeCare were so welcoming and encouraging. Petraea organised a wonderful buddy for Peter and Fiona did an amazing job in those very important early days.

He started off in Data Entry Dept and from there moved on to work with the IT Team. This has completely changed Peter, he has gained so much confidence and has never been happier. He absolutely loves his job with IT and the team there have been amazing.  This has had a huge positive impact on his personal life also. Family, friends and work colleagues have all commented on the huge change in Peter since starting in DeCare.