My nine year old daughter has yellow stains and discolouration on some of her teeth, especially her top two. Is there anything I can do?

If you can, try to find out from your dentist what is the cause of your daughter’s tooth discoloration. If the stains are extrinsic (on the outside of the tooth), perhaps they can be removed by having a dental cleaning from the dentist or hygienist. If the stains are intrinsic and contained within the tooth structure, a more invasive form of treatment may be required. The treatment will depend on the type of staining. Tooth whitening materials such as carbamide peroxide are being used with success in treating staining on the teeth of children over 10 years of age. This should only be done under the care and supervision of a paediatric dentist because of extra considerations in treating a child of this age. This type of treatment requires patience and your daughter must be really committed to having it done, otherwise it may not be successful. Waiting until she is a little bit older could prove beneficial.