Get to know your Teeth

We use them every day to bite, chew and eat. They brighten up our smiles and add definition to our faces. But when it comes to the crunch, how much do we actually know about our teeth?

What’s what in our mouth…

Molar teeth are found in all four quadrants of our mouth. They have a large crown with four or more cusps and a broad chewing surface. They are the largest of the teeth. Molars are grinding teeth and are used to chew, crush, and grind food before swallowing.

The premolars are only found in adult teeth. These teeth are located in all four quadrants of our mouth just before our molars. These teeth feature a chewing surface that is used to tear and crush food. Premolars are smaller in size than molars and have a flatter biting surface.

The canines have the longest roots in both arches of adult and child teeth. These teeth have a sharp cutting edge designed for piercing, tearing or griping food. Because of the structure and location of the canines, they are commonly referred to as ‘eye teeth’ forming the cornerstone of the dental arches.

There are two types of incisors found in adult and child teeth; central incisors and lateral incisors. The central incisor is the most anterior tooth toward the midline and is found in the upper and lower teeth. The lateral incisor is found next to the central incisor and is normally smaller in size and has smaller roots than the central incisors. The incisor teeth are sharp teeth used for shredding food or cutting food into small chewable pieces.